Buy eMembership with your hostel booking! Save at least 10% on your hostel stay with eMembership – BUY NOW with your next hostel booking online at hihostels.com!

Hostelling International is pleased to announce the launch of eMembership, which is a 12-month membership product and can now be purchased with your hostel stay at the time of booking. Hostelling International is a membership organisation, and HI membership gives you much more than a comfy bed! It puts you at the heart of a huge international family, where you can share experiences, travel and friendship with people of all nations. HI membership not only opens the door to the world’s largest network of safe, clean and welcoming hostels, but in many HI hostels, being a member now gives you at least a 10% saving on the cost of your accommodation – just one of the great reasons to become a member! In some countries membership is compulsory if you wish to stay in the HI hostels listed. If required, this will be made clear at the time of booking and you can choose whether to purchase eMembership now, or wait until you arrive at the hostel. It’s up to you! Book your hostel stay now!


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