Membership Savings Program

Membership Savings Programme

Hostelling International is a Membership organisation, one of the oldest and largest membership organisations worldwide. In many countries a membership card is compulsory if you wish to stay in hostels listed on this site. In other countries, members now enjoy at least a 10% saving on accommodation compared to non-members. And that’s not all, Members can also benefit from a wide range of Member Discounts & Savingsworldwide upon presentation of their membership card. The table below lists the Membership requirements of youth hostel associations whose hostels are listed on this site.

  • Membership Required: ‘Yes’ in this column indicates that Membership is compulsory in this country.
  • Member Saving: ‘Yes’ in this column indicates that Members will receive a discount on accommodation of at least 10% (compared to non members). A valid membership card must be shown to benefit from this saving.

Valid National Association or HI Membership cards are both acceptable.

Country (Association) Membership Required Member Saving
Algeria Yes Not Applicable
Argentina No Yes
Australia No Yes
Austria ÖJHV Yes Not Applicable
Austria ÖJHW No Yes
Belgium LAJ Yes Not Applicable
Belgium VJH No Yes
Bolivia No Yes
Bosnia & Herzegovina No Yes
Brazil No Yes
Canada No Yes
Chile No Yes
China No Yes
Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) No Yes
Colombia No Yes
Cuba No Yes
Croatia Yes Not Applicable
Czech Republic No Yes
Denmark No Yes (35DKK)
Egypt No Yes
England & Wales Yes Not Applicable
Estonia No Yes  
France Yes Not Applicable
Germany Yes Not Applicable
Hong Kong No Yes
Hungary No Yes
Iceland No Yes
India Yes Not Applicable
Ireland (Northern) No Yes
Ireland (Republic of) No Yes
Israel No Yes
Italy Yes Not Applicable
Japan Yes Not Applicable
Jordan No Yes
Kenya Yes Not Applicable
Korea (South) No Yes
Latvia No Yes
Lebanon No Yes
Libya Yes Not Applicable
Lithuania No Yes
Macedonia No Yes
Malaysia No Yes
Mexico No Yes
Morocco No Yes
Nepal No Yes
Netherlands No Yes
New Zealand No Yes
Pakistan Yes Not Applicable
Philippines No Yes
Peru No Yes
Poland No Yes
Portugal Yes Not Applicable
Qatar No Yes
Romania No Yes
Russia No Yes
Saudi Arabia Yes Not Applicable
Serbia No Yes
Scotland Yes Not Applicable
Singapore Yes Not Applicable
Slovakia No Yes
Slovenia No Yes
Sweden No Yes
Switzerland Yes Not applicable
Syria No Yes
Thailand No Yes
Tunisia No Yes
UAE No Yes
Ukraine No Yes
Uruguay No Yes
USA Yes Not Applicable
Vietnam No Yes

If the country you wish to visit is not listed in the above table please contact the national youth hostel association directly to confirm membership requirements and costs. Select the country from the list for full contact details. For full details of the member discount applicable in the country you wish to visit, please contact the national youth hostel association directly. Remember, Membership also gives you access to thousands of travel-related savings at home and overseas – see Membership Discounts.



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