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About HI Groups: Hostelling International’s group hostels

Hostelling International is the brand name of more than 90 Youth Hostel Associations in over 80 countries, operating 4,000+ hostels. No other hostel operator can match us for sheer quality or variety of accommodation! Unlike bland motels, impersonal hotels or dodgy backpackers, HI group hostels are fun, lively –meeting places, full of like-minded people. We have been welcoming groups for 100 years and our staff are very knowledgeable about accommodation for groups. The diverse locations of our group hostels provide the ideal place to stay for budget-conscious group trips of all kinds.

HI is a non-profit membership organisation, with a proud history and a relevant philosophy.

Our Group Hostel Guarantee

All group hostels listed in this section of the website have been specially selected for group trips, so we can be sure they meet the exacting needs of group travelers. And – like all other HI hostels – they must also meet the high standards we have set for safety, quality, comfort and cleanliness.

Criteria for Group Hostels

We know from experience that accommodation for groups requires a little extra care and attention, so our group hostels have to meet special group requirements. These criteria include:

  • Size – all group hostels must have a sufficient number of beds
  • Facilities – all group hostels must cater to group needs such as adequate coach parking, meeting rooms, meal service, leader/driver rooms, etc.
  • Location – all group hostels need to be located in places attractive to – and suitable for – group trips

HI Groups

Safety and Quality

Your budget may be limited, but the quality of Hostelling International accommodation is not! Wherever you stay, we aim to make your visit as enjoyable as possible while offering excellent value for money. We take hostel standards and quality very seriously. Our member countries are obliged to meet the internationally agreed HI quality standards for comfort in the hostel. Hostel guests also help monitor hostel standards through ‘mystery shopper’ exercises, and by rating their hostel stay, to ensure customer service levels are upheld.

Assured Standards

Hostelling International’s well-established Assured Standards means you can rely on a consistent level of services and facilities in all HI hostels. All our member countries are required to have in place regular inspection programmes, and our HI Standards team visit hostels to check that the requirements of the Assured Standards Scheme are being met.

  • Welcome – hostels are open to all. You can join if you are not already a member, and you can make advance reservations. Plus you will have access to essential facilities if the hostel closes for a period during the day.
  • Comfort – a good night’s sleep (including the hire of freshly-laundered linen if it is not included in the overnight charge), and sufficient washing/shower facilities. Meals are generally available, along with self-catering facilities and a food store close by.
  • Cleanliness – the highest standards of hygiene wherever you travel.
  • Security – for you and your possessions, including lockers for luggage and valuables.
  • Privacy – in showers, washing areas and toilets. Most hostels provide single sex dormitories – although if requested, a mixed sex dormitory may be offered to people travelling together.

Youth Hostel Associations also take great care to operate hostels in ways sympathetic to the environment.


Use our Group Accommodation Finder on the group hostels homepage to make a group booking enquiry.


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