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MyHostelv2 User Guide EN



You will be provided with login details from your National Office or from HI directly. To login to MyHostel v2, please use the following URL:

You will then be prompted to add in your login details. Hostels can search by either hostel name or by using the hostel ID you have been assigned, see examples below:

Login Box

Search by Hostel Name

Search by Hostel ID number…

You then need to enter in your User and Password details that you have been provided with.



The dashboard is a feature which allows you to view the most up to date statistics, bookings and important information regarding your hostel.  If your hostel is new to MyHostel and you are entering details for the first time, please note that there will be no information yet other than the details needed to become bookable.  However, once you have become bookable, you can use this section to view the relevant information for your hostel.  Please see an example below:

You can customise this page by dragging and rearranging the location of the boxes.  You can also customise the options you would like to view under the ‘Preferences’ section at the top of the page.



To add all the details regarding the hostel, click on the tab ‘setup’.  The first page that you come across is the ‘Hostel Properties’ page. 

This page displays full contact details of the hostel. Basic details are set up at the Hostelling International office.

Important – the address details on this page form one of two possible methods to allow your hostel to be located accurately on your hostel page map. Please therefore ensure your address details are accurate.

You should also ensure that the following editable fields are kept up to date by you/your staff – these will appear on your hostel’s page on

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email

In addition, you can enter different email addresses for the following:-

Email (Booking Notification) – an email is sent to this address every time a booking is made or cancelled. All booking emails contain customer and booking information. If the customer has booked online, this email will also contain encrypted credit card details.

Important – You must retain these emails until after the customer’s arrival date. In the event of a no-show or a late cancellation, this is the only way you can retrieve credit card details and process payment at your hostel. Hostelling International has no access to these emails or their content.

Send daily bookings (CSV file) – the e-mail address to receive the daily listing of all bookings and cancellations made for your hostel in the previous 24 hours. This is optional.

Time Zone – enter the time difference in hours between your hostel’s time zone and GMT.

Minimum lead time for booking: (hrs before midnight) – enter the minimum time, in hours, bookings can be made before midnight on day of arrival. (e.g., “6” means bookings can be made until 18:00hrs on day of arrival). This value should be set as low as possible to maximise bookings.

Click the save button to save any settings.

Example of Hostel Properties page below:

Once you have checked your hostel properties section, please work through the tabs and enter in the relevant details as outlined below:

  • ‘Facilities’ – use the tick boxes to indicate what facilities your hostel has available to guests.
  • ‘Web Page Text’ – Please enter in your hostels description within the ‘Extended Text’ box and details of your opening hours/times in at least one language. 
  • Map & Directions’ – There should be a Google Map in place which has been created due to your address details on the properties page.  if not this needs to be added by using the address, geo-coordinates or by dragging the pin to the correct location and saving. 
  • Photos’ – we require a minimum of 4 photos before the hostel is made bookable.  Please also ensure these are good quality photos of a reasonable size (not thumbnail size) that best sell your hostel.  You can re-order them if necessary under the ‘organise’ heading’.  Please add an exterior shot of your hostel as the first photo.
  • ‘Other Settings’ – this is where you add the details if the hostel is on a reservations interface.  As this data varies with each National Association, you would need to liaise with the National office or seek advice from customer services or Rob Ralston for more information about setting up these hostels. The other section that you can change here is ‘Maximum Night’s Stay’.  This is where you add how many consecutive nights your hostel can be booked for on 
  • ‘Booking Attention’ – As with facilities, please tick and fill out the relevant boxes that relate to your hostel and your hostels policies.  Any information that has been set at a National Level will be unable to be changed.
  • ‘HI Guide’ – This information will be used for the HI downloadable PDF guides that are on   Please therefore ensure that this information is up to date.
  •  ‘Users’ – This is where new users can be added for your hostel.  As a hostel manager (Level 20) you can add Level 10 users for your hostel for any staff that you would like to have access to MyHostel.   You can also chose which features are locked from them by ticking the relevant boxes.


This section is where you can add the products that you would like to sell via  The products are separated by mixed accommodation (dormitory) and private accommodation.

Note: to create a product with a specific number of beds, select either “Private Room [X] beds” or “Bed(s) in [X]-bedded Dorm”. The number of beds added to the “Number of Beds” box will be shown in place of [X] in the product description at the time of booking. If you do not want a specific number of beds in the dorm to be displayed, select “Beds in Dorm” and leave “Number of Beds” box empty.

Create male/female dorm – check this box to create two dormitory products automatically – one for male and one for female. (E.g., if you operate a small hostel and want to maintain a separate allotment for males and females).

Product Description and Expert Features 

Once the initial room or bed product has been selected you can then add details on the following:

Shower/Toilet – Linen – Meals: From the drop-down menus, select the facilities which apply to this product. If none apply, leave blank.

Additional Features – select the appropriate box for any that apply. These options will be added automatically to the product description seen by customers.

Default Price – this price must be set at product setup time. Unless you update price information under the prices tab, this price will be charged indefinitely if allocations are set for this product type.

Default Allocation – this is optional at product setup time. When each product type is created, you can set a default allocation which will be transferred to the allocations screen and used indefinitely if allocations are not changed. Alternatively, allocations can be set up in the allocations section.

Hostels using the real-time reservations interface do not see this option.

Product ID – Product IDs are normally generated automatically. However, if you prefer or need to create your own specific Product ID (e.g., to use with the real-time reservations interface), click Custom ID and enter your own ID.

Active – a new product is set up as active unless you set as inactive by selecting the Active box.

Products can be set as active or inactive at any time.

Active From, Active until – these dates only apply if product is active. They determine when a product type with prices and allocation is available for sale to customers. (E.g., can be used for a product type that is for sale only during a particular season or special event).  See below:

Please note that the date used in the ‘Valid to’ date will be the last date that the product can be booked on and will stop your allocation on  We therefore advise that you do not use this unless for a specific time frame or if you plan to extend the date.

Minimum lead time for booking – this allows a specific minimum booking lead time (in hours) to be set for a product type. It can be more, but cannot be less than the general “Minimum lead time for booking” set on the Hostel Properties page.

Maximum lead time for product booking – this allows a maximum lead time to be set for the product type. Enter the maximum number of days before arrival date that you want to make this product type with prices and allocation available for sale. All products can be set with a “Maximum lead time for product booking” value within MyHostel. For example, if set at “2”, this product will only be available for booking within 2 days of arrival. You can decide whether to set this product’s prices to be higher or lower than normal. You might even choose to use 2 last minute products – one with a higher price for last minute sales in peak season and another with a lower price than normal for low season. Leave empty if you do not want to set restrictions on the product type’s lead time.

Product to use which allocation – Once a product type has been created you can see the option to change this when you edit the product. You are able to link this product type to the physical allocation of a similar existing product type. You are able to sell different products at different prices, but link them to the same physical bed or room inventory. For example, a “2 bed private room” can share the same inventory as a “2-bed private room including breakfast and dinner”. This means that you don’t need to manage separate physical inventory for different products. The customer is offered maximum choice and you have the best possible chance of maximizing sales.

Availability & Prices:

This section has the functionality for you to add the availability for your hostel. For dormitory accommodation, please add this per person per night and for private accommodation you add per room per night.  There is the option of MyHostel v1 methods for adding availability and prices if this is more familiar to you or easier to use.  To add or change the availability you need to type in the relevant box and save.  See below:

The’ Bulk Availability & Prices’ section allows you to bulk add availability/prices for a certain period of time, if you are to use the same amount of allocations or the same price.  Please enter the dates that you wish to add the same amount of availability/prices for and then select either allocation/prices. Click on the relevant product and then enter in the amount in the box and save.  This automatically updates your availability chart/prices for the period selected.

Bookings and No-Shows

Block Allocation:

If you would like to block out any days from being available, please use the ‘Block day’ feature on the availability chart. See below for example:

No Shows:

The following conditions apply to late cancellations and no shows with regards to fees charges:

Cancellations can be made on this website at any time in advance of arrival date. The following conditions apply to cancellations received on this website/at destination hostel:

  • A cancellation made more than 24 hours in advance of arrival time: No further charges apply.
  • A cancellation within 24 hours of arrival time: A charge equivalent to the balance of your first night’s stay applies.
  • If a cancellation is not received: A charge equivalent to the balance for a maximum of two nights’ stay applies.  

For the purposes of calculating cancellation charges, arrival time at your destination hostel is considered as 18:00hrs (6pm) local time to the hostel

To charge for a no show, you need to locate the booking by using the reference number using the ‘power search’ box within MyHostel.

Once the booking has been located and you have opened to view, please use the link at the bottom of the receipt which says:

To charge for the no-show/late cancellation, you must locate the guest’s booking receipt that would have been sent to you at the time of booking.  You then need to copy and paste the encrypted message into the box. The booking reference number and pass phrase (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry) should already be displayed.  Once you have the card details, you should use your card terminal to charge the card.

Please note that no-shows or late cancellation fees cannot be processed in advance of the arrival date and are only available after the arrival date.


MyHostelv2 User Guide EN

Mr Damian Flynn, HI Regional Development Coordinator- Asia Pacific



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