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Do I have to become a member to stay in a youth hostel?

Hostelling International is a Membership organisation, one of the oldest and largest membership organisations worldwide. Members receive many benefits in addition to staying in HI hostels.

Your HI Membership card opens the door to the world’s largest network of safe, clean, welcoming hostels. And you can take advantage of discounted member prices in many places, special savings and discounts.

In many countries, HI membership is compulsory if you wish to stay in hostels listed on HI site. In other countries like the Philippines, HI members enjoy discounted overnight prices while non-members are required to pay a small surcharge.

To find out what is applicable in the country you wish to visit, please check the Membership Savings Programme page. Have you read the Membership page? This explains the many reasons why you should join the more than 3 million members who save money and have much more fun when they travel!

How do I join Hostelling International?

Joining Hostelling International is very easy. In your country of residence (Philippines): the simplest option is to purchase a membership card from the National YH Association– Youth and Student Hostel Foundation of the Philippines (YSHFP) with offices at the Ystaphil Building, 4227-4229 Tomas Claudio Street, Paranaque City (just at the back of The Excelsior along Roxas Boulevard) before you start your journey. This way, you can benefit from national discounts immediately. And when you set off on your travels, your YSHFP National Association membership card is valid in all other HI hostels throughout the world too.

Outside your country of residence: If you have already set out on your journey, or have lived in your country of residence for less than 12 months, do not worry. You can purchase an international card when you arrive at a hostel outside your country of residence.

If you are a resident of the Philippines (for more than 12 months), you may email directly the National YH Association (YSHFP) to confirm costs and availability: yshfp.hostellinginternational@gmail.com or philippinehostels@gmail.com.  You may also inquire about the current members of the National YH Association if you want to book for hostels in your country of residence.

Once you have a Hostelling International membership, you can start claiming member prices and specially negotiated member discounts. A membership card is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. When you get home, keep on enjoying all the member benefits by joining your National Youth Hostel Association (YSHFP-in the Philippines).

Membership types and costs

How much does full membership cost?

Membership costs and membership types (for example Adult/ Child/ Family/ Life Membership) vary around the world. In the Philippines, National YH Association card costs about 500php. For other countries, please get in touch with the local National YH Association– YSHFP or visit Membership Savings Programme and the Membership page.

Lost membership cards

I have lost my membership card while travelling – what should I do?

National Youth Hostel Association Membership cards. If you are a resident of the Philippines, please contact the YSHFP where you purchased the membership card for further information.

Hostelling International Membership cards. Sorry, currently these are not replaceable.

Renewing membership

My membership card will soon expire – how do I renew it?

In the Philippines, your membership card can only be renewed by the YSHFP which issued it. You may be able to do this online, by post or by telephone – please contact the YSHFP (details below) where you purchased the membership card for further information.

Using my membership card overseas

Is my National YHA membership card valid in Youth Hostels overseas?

YSHFP membership card is valid at any Hostelling International hostel in the Philippines and anywhere around the world . If you have lived in your country of residence for less than 12 months, you can purchase a Hostelling International membership card which is also valid worldwide. Please contact YSHFP for further details.

Member benefits

Does Hostelling International membership offer any kind of travel discounts?

In some countries listed on HI site (http://www.hihostels.com/), HI members receive a discount on the overnight price in a hostel, while non-members will be required to pay a small supplement. In other countries only HI members are permitted to stay in the hostels. For full details, please see the Membership Savings Programme page. Hostelling International has negotiated a vast range of discounts around the world covering everything from reduced price coach tickets, to special deals in shops and entertainment venues. To find out more, follow the links to each country’s discounts on the Member Discounts page. In addition, Hostelling International has set up special deals with a small number of selected partners for communications, insurance, guidebooks and more! See Travel Deals for further details.

Every year Hostelling International welcomes thousands of educational, student and informal travel groups to hostels around the world. Organizing travel for groups of 10 or more people is now easy with our group bookings enquiry system. You can also use our Choose Your Trip planner to find the group hostels that cater for your needs: from city breaks with friends, to school ski trips, to language study group trips – and everything in between.

All HI Groups hostels meet the criteria of our Group Hostel Guarantee and offer facilities and services ideally suited to travel for groups. For answers to FAQs regarding group accommodation for groups, please visit http://www.hihostels.com/groups/faq.en.htm.



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